Our Mission

To digitise and organise local retailers to power the largest retail network in the world and deliver the neighbourhood shopping experience of the future.
In India, local retailers are responsible for 40% of employment, core to our economy.
Growing our local retail partners is our ‘ikigai’ or reason for being.  It’s why we get out of bed every morning.

Some of Our Core Values
Our mission is to build an India that benefits every Indian, by empowering local business owners. We are driven by purpose, and aim to have a huge social impact and build a very large business
Thing big. Pursue excellence.
Thinking big precedes great achievement. Relentless pursuit of the highest standards secures great achievement. We constantly aim to deliver better for our customers, and solve problems permanently.
Customer, above All.
We work to make our customers lives measurably better by empowering & serving them, solving key problems for them, empathy, & seamless, delightful experiences. Earn every customer’s respect and trust.
Leadership is ownership. A leader is on the frontline, thinks beyond her/himself, seeks more responsibility, & never says “that’s not my job”. Every single person on our team is expected to be an owner, and therefore a leader.
Move fast & Fail forward.
To win in business you have to be fearless and fast. We expect you to fail-forward your way to success i.e. make decisions, execute fast, experiment – learn from the results, become better, do more, get faster. And repeat.
Frugality breeds innovation, secures tomorrow.
We are building something to stand the test of time, not to be a shooting star here one day and gone the next. Resourcefulness, self-sufficiency, and results-driven investments impress us.
Power of Team.
We believe in strong, high performance teams – and not individual stars. We are at the same time pushing each other to our individual best, collaborating constantly, and supporting one another when needed.
Radical honesty & feedback.
We believe in open personal accountability, respectful debate & disagreement, and direct feedback. This develops you individually, and empowers us to grow as a team.
Integrity & Kindness.
Integrity means being trustworthy and reliable. We believe it is better to be kind than clever. We are a BS- / gossip- / personal politics- free environment. We celebrate diversity of all kinds.
Tenacity & Grit.
Everything negative – challenges, pressure, stress – are an opportunity to rise. We don’t quit until the problem is solved, the goal achieved, and the customer served to the very best of our ability. We always persevere.
Delivering results, backed by data.
First, we believe in measuring ourselves and that data is the backbone to driving results. Second, we measure ourselves not by the hours we work or random boxes checked, but in the results we achieve.
Always be learning.
Be curious, read a lot, learn from others and explore new ideas constantly. The world around us is changing at an unprecedented rate. To be leaders in this world, making good decisions, we must always be learning.
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